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At Coastal Groomers, we provide the very best care and attention to get your dog looking its best.

Coastal Groomers is a family run business, providing a personal pet grooming service catering for every breed and temperament.

Why choose Coastal Groomers?

  • Local friendly reliable groomers
  • All breeds and sizes welcome 
  • Relaxing and comfortable environment
  • Quiet and patient service

If you have any queries with regards your dogs grooming requirements please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the best grooming regime for your pet.

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Summer Grooming

It’s important to help your dog get rid of their heavier winter coat so they can stay cool as temperatures rise. A bath will release the undercoat and a good brushing will get rid of the extra hair. 

We often get requests from owners who think that shaving their dog during the summer is the answer to shedding and overheating. Depending on the coat type this is not always the answer. A pet’s coat actually helps regulate their body temperature and protects them from the sun, as shown in the diagram below:


Longer coated breeds need to have the shedding winter coat removed daily by combing to prevent it from packing around the new summer coat that’s growing in. Packed hair turns into matted fur rather quickly.

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