Why should you brush your dog ?

While your dogs coat will be shiny, clean and in great condition when it leaves the salon, its not going to stay that way if its not regularly brushed. But the importance of brushing your dogs coat isn’t just about keeping them looking pretty and nice – there are also more important reasons:

Preventing a matted coat

Certain coat types will easily tangle and form matts, if not brushed regularly. The formation of matts can contribute to serious health issues, including hot spots, flea or tick infestations and pain/ distress for your dog. But regular and correct brushing of your dog’s coat will remove matts at an early stage leaving the coat clean and clear of debris and knots.

It lets you keep and eye on your dogs health

Getting up close and personal with your dog during brushing allows you to check for any problems your dog may have. Things like cuts, lumps, ticks or fleas may not otherwise be seen through a heavy coat and spotting them early will save a lot of discomfort and pain for your dog.

It will enhance your bond with your dog

Regular brushing helps strengthen your friendship with your dog and keeps them used to being handled and brushed. Plus it’ll also make them feel great so they’ll love you even more. Different coats require different levels of brushing and even short haired dogs should be brushed regularly as well.  The more regularly you brush the coat the easier and quicker the job will be. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through this and help you with your dog’s coat.

Saves you money

A coat in good condition with regular brushing will take less time to groom, and will therefore save you money.