Full Groom

A full groom consists of a health check followed by full body brushing (this includes minor de-matting), bath using a premium shampoo for your dog's coat type (choose from our specialist shampoo list or let our trained groomer advise you), Towel dry and gentle fluff dry/blow dry and style to your requirements. Included in this service is eyes cleaned, ears cleaned and plucked and nails clipped.

Bath & Blow Dry

This will include a health check followed by a soothing bath using a premium shampoo for your dog's coat type. Gentle drying and a spritz of doggie cologne.  

Puppy Experience (upto 6 months)

Puppies should experience the grooming salon from a young age, even for just a brush. This allows them to become accustomed to the noises and smells they will experience. We will ensure that their visit will be fun and exciting.

Just a Brush

This is ideal for dogs that moult or tangle between grooms. Coat conditioning spray and a thorough brush will keep your dog in tip top condition

Nail Clipping

If your dogs nails are long or overgrown we can cut them for you, this can prevent painful splaying and splitting of the nails.