Pit Stop Services

Nail Clipping     £5
Ear Pluck    £5
Paw Balm     £5

Bath and Blow Dry Prices

Small dog from    £10 
Medium dog from   £15
Large dog from   £20
Giant dog from   £25

Full Groom Prices

The following prices are a guide only and will depend on the dogs size, coat condition, time taken and temperament.


Bearded Collie £47
Jack Russell Terrier £29
Bichon Frise £34
Labradoodle £40
Border Collie £34
Poodle (Toy) £32
Border Terrier £30
Poodle (Miniature) £37
Cavachon £34
Poodle (Standard) £47
King Charles Spaniel £32
Schnauzer £34
Cocker Spaniel £34
Shih Tzu £34
Cockerpoo £34
Springer Spaniel £35
German Shepherd Dog £37
Tibetan Terrier £37
Golden Retriever £37
West Highland £34
Husky £40
Yorkshire Terrier £32


If your dog is not listed above please give us a call.

Ear plucking and nail clipping are included in the full groom price.

Additional Information

Please note prices are based on dogs that have received regular grooming and whose coats are in reasonable condition. For this reason all prices should be considered as a starting price, if your dog hasn't been groomed for a long time and the coat is severely matted additional charges will be incurred due to the extra time spent working on the coat.

Additional charges will be applied for dogs that require additional time due to poor behaviour.

Dogs that are presented with fleas will have an additional charge added, this is to cover the cost of the flea shampoo and also treating the salon to prevent flea infestation afterwards.